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Choice Australia Real Estate Pty Ltd specialises in offering a tailored service to accommodate your needs. We pride ourselves in having a long term relationship to ensure that every party has a pleasant experience. We take our clients from the initial point of sale through to the successful completion of a sale and provide continuous communication to ensure a smooth transaction. The typical business process in which Choice Australia Real Estate Pty Ltd helps you sell your business includes the following:

  • Business Valuation

    Choice Australia Real Estate Pty Ltd aims to understand your needs and have ongoing communications to achieve the price you deserve for your business. We conduct a thorough analysis of your business and produce a business profile to determine what market price can be achieved. If your struggling to determine what price you should market your business at, then worry no more as Choice Australia Real Estate Pty Ltd takes the hassle out of selling your business..

  • Advertising & PromotionsAdvertising & Promotions

    Once we have determined the pricing strategies for your business we will begin our unique process of marketing your property. With a large marketing division we are able to get your business the most attraction in the market and ensure that we can target the right buyer for you. We carefully screen potential buyers to ensure your valuable time is not wasted. The team at Choice Australia Real Estate Pty Ltd always work in your best interest and through our well known reputation we can attract the right buyer for you.

  • Due Diligence

    Once we have found a prospective buyer for you and are ready to take the process to the next level we engage in the due diligence process. This process involves the buyer seeking advice from their accountant as to the viability of the business which may include a thorough analysis of the businesses internal sectors such as the financial position, rent, employees, insurance and any legal matters. Our team can assist you to make this a stress free process and help you along the way to gain the best possible experience in selling your business.

  • Negotiations & Completion of Sale

    On successful completion of the due diligence process we may then enter the negotiations stage where we may analyse the potential buyers offer and see if this is satisfactory to your needs or if further negotiating is required. Once the conditions are agreed upon the process will be near completion putting you one step closer to your desired goal. Choice Australia Real Estate Pty Ltd can provide you with the expertise and professionalism that you need to ensure this process is simple and to your full satisfaction..